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Been a while

Havent had a good phone.

Comfy night

Last night I was in pink footed pajamas with a giant bib and a rasp-berry teething Binky. I also went to bed with a lot of my stuffed animals. I had three poohbears, my cloth doll, and a very expensive Teddy my sis got me. He is supposed to be for display but I love him so much. He is fluffy and cute. Charlie slept in red footed pajamas with sock monkeys on them and he slept with my stuffed sock monkey that I named spud. Lol


I am sleeping with my pooh-bear pillows and two small pillow pets inside of a pillow case! It is so fluffy and comfy! :p I am happy. Also earlier today I filled a Baba with warm milk and tea. It was very good. It was relaxing.

Formula wake up call

This morning I got woke up early and I am cranky... mommy made me a formula bottle and I am going to drink it soon. It is a really good-tasting formula, though... it is infant formula by Gerber good start soy based formula

What I feel I need to be a complete ab

*Adult binkies/nukis/pacifiers in all colors
*atleast 1 (set) romper, sleeper, onesie, dress, diaper cover, mittens, booties, hat, baby shirt, bib
*adult baby bottles in all colors
*sippy cups in all colors
*collection of Fave children's DVDs
*liking baby formula, watered Down Juice, baby food
*wear diapers even though I don't use them
*dress up outfits
*AB nursery: crib, bassinet, toybox, dresser, play table
*diaper bag
*Binky clip
*car seat
*mobile on crib
*pop pusher ball thingy
*diaper pail
*music box
*"hospital picture"
*receiving blanket
*baby pillow
*basket bassinet
*giant Teddy
*play room
*booger sucker
*medicine dropper
*rash cream
*cornstarch powder
*antiperspirant deodorant (so you always smell baby fresh)
*baby lotion/oil
*candy scented body spray
*costume jewelry
*balls! Lots of balls!

16.9 ounce water bottle sippy cup

I am sure I am not the only one that has found myself with no sippy cup, in public, and not wanting to spill stuff all over. Well I have the perfect thing for descreet babies in public, or someone without a sippy cup that was left at home. They are very cheap to make and effective. Just get a water bottle and something sharp to make a hole like a blade or pocket knife or even a kitchen knife if you are at home. Make the tiniest hole you can make in the cap and there you go. A small hole to sip out of. The best part is that you can make the hole in the dimple of the capvand it isn't even noticeable. And you can drink this while laying down, when the car is bumpy, anything...

Park day!

Today I went to the park with my Binky! I find it funny how more people avoid then laugh and point... but some actually think it is cute... I got good pix

Big baby day!

Yesterday I went to a store with mommy to find a special Binky I wanted and I found it! I was so over excited that I wouldn't take it out no matter where I went. I wore it into Wendy's, I wore it at the library, when I was at the library I played with a giant raggedy Ann doll and then she held my Binky for a minute so I could have some water. The walk to the library is 1.1 miles and I wore my nuking the entire way! I love it so much!

Sick baby

I have a sinus infection and the stomach virus. But I have daycare today and I haves to go... :( I just want to stay home under the covers and drink tea with milky out of my baba

My children(mommy post)

As u guys know I have alot of online kids, but only a couple actually care about me in real life... and even less will live with me. There are two main ones that every time I do something I think of how I would do it with them in person. There is Avianna "Avi" and she is the baby of the family. Then there is Bree. She is the toddler of the family. They are both sweethearts. Avianna is a talker, and I love that because I am kinda shy when it comes to talking. Me and daddy Shane usually sit on the phone in silence for hours just going about our daily buisness because neither of us is a talker, we just want company. But Avi gets down to talking about oppinions she has. She will start a topic and converse about it. I love that. It gives me less anxiety and stress about trying to find something to talk about