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What fun I had in daycare.

How I wish I could put pictures on here from my android. Anyway. I have had a lot of fun in daycare and I want to tell you about some of it. My favorite thing to do in daycare was play with pipe cleaners. I was very skilled with them. I spelled my name out with them one time and made it into a tiara. I only used one long pipe cleaner for the name. Also one time I made glasses out of them. They actually folded and everything! I once made a Dr. Seuss-looking thing once. Maybe a tree? I'm not sure. Another thing I liked to do was make collages. I made one of my inner child, one of my Girly side, one for my depression, and one for fun. I did drawing, coloring, Mandalas, made stress balls, used clay, made sculptures out of clay, and Lots more. I'm in the bathroom right now cuz mommy is sleeping, but later I will get my portfolio out and explain what else I have done there