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My children(mommy post)

As u guys know I have alot of online kids, but only a couple actually care about me in real life... and even less will live with me. There are two main ones that every time I do something I think of how I would do it with them in person. There is Avianna "Avi" and she is the baby of the family. Then there is Bree. She is the toddler of the family. They are both sweethearts. Avianna is a talker, and I love that because I am kinda shy when it comes to talking. Me and daddy Shane usually sit on the phone in silence for hours just going about our daily buisness because neither of us is a talker, we just want company. But Avi gets down to talking about oppinions she has. She will start a topic and converse about it. I love that. It gives me less anxiety and stress about trying to find something to talk about