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What fun I had in daycare.

How I wish I could put pictures on here from my android. Anyway. I have had a lot of fun in daycare and I want to tell you about some of it. My favorite thing to do in daycare was play with pipe cleaners. I was very skilled with them. I spelled my name out with them one time and made it into a tiara. I only used one long pipe cleaner for the name. Also one time I made glasses out of them. They actually folded and everything! I once made a Dr. Seuss-looking thing once. Maybe a tree? I'm not sure. Another thing I liked to do was make collages. I made one of my inner child, one of my Girly side, one for my depression, and one for fun. I did drawing, coloring, Mandalas, made stress balls, used clay, made sculptures out of clay, and Lots more. I'm in the bathroom right now cuz mommy is sleeping, but later I will get my portfolio out and explain what else I have done there

Back from daycare

I haven't been on here in a while, but that is because I have been very busy. I wasn't even on my Facebook much. I went to daycare and I moved in with mommy. Those are the main things. I just recently graduated from daycare, though. Now I only go once a week for 8 weeks and I will be done. It is fun though. We do a lot of arts and crafts. I love it a lot. Living with mommy is okay. Last night I got my Binky, my costum jewelry, and my bib. Then I made mommy feed me a bottle. That was fun. Mommy let me try water in a big girl cup, but it got me and the bed wet mostly.

Day at the park!!!

I love going places wherebpeople can't have a chance of knowing you or seeing you again. I went to The park in a different city. I got to act like a child. We just told people I had a mental dissability. I crawled through tunnels, climbed the rock wall, played everywhere. It was so much fun. Then, I was pooped, and I crawled through a long tunnel to a gated part that was blocked off. It was like a crib in there. I loved it. So I sat Teresa, called my daddy, and talked like a two-year-old

Big girl cup

I remember stating previously how I loved eating big things cuz I felt like a little girl. Well the same is true with drinking out of big things. My parents recently ordered Chinese food and the soup came in this big container that looked like a big cup. So I have been using it to drink out of lately when I am not using a zippy cup or a bottle. I even used clear tape to put a picture of Pooh bear on there. So I feel like a little girl.

How to make a bassinet

First... believe it or not... this one starts with the mattress. I am going.g to be telling you the cheap and easy way to make a bassinet. Now you can use a regular mattress if you want. I made my own mattress for my bassinet out of carpet padding and foam from couch cushions my mom was gonna throw away. Then get big cardboard boxes. Believe me this will work. This is just the basis fir the frame. Cut the cardboard to whatever height you want and encircle the mattress now. Either staple the edges together or use real duct tape. Or gorilla tape. Don't exit out now if you think I am crazy because there is more to it. Now we are going to need something more sturdy. You can use a thin wood, Plexiglas or whatever is strong, thin, and cheap. For someone useing a normal mattress and a square bassinet design put your durable material o. The outside to look better. Circular designs put the durable meterial on the inside. I am going to be demonstrating a circular design. Now start off my cutting a piece that is the same length and height as the two strait sides and just slip those two pieces to the inside of the cardboard. The round edges are more complicated. Cut out pieces that are just as tall bit thin and then slip those to the inside of the circle ends. Secure all of the pieces together with either hot glue or an industrial glue, but I suggest no matter which glue you use to still secure the pieces even more with tape. Now you are probably left with something that looks kind of goofy but no worries. It will look perfect soon. Now the next part is making it look good. Get a sheet that is huge. A king, or California king. Buy make it large. You can get it whatever color you want or even a pettern, but use a cheap fabric.. or you can just go buy a fabric for it. For people who can spare money you can even buy ruffles for the edge of it. Now, take your mattress out of the frame and set the fabric in it in the middle and put the mattress over it. Now drape the fabric over the edges of the bassinets frame. Now to make what it will sit in. There are a few ways you could do this. My favorite way is to get more boxes all the same height and get enough to fit under the bassinet. Then you fill the boxes with rocks and pebbles or other hard stuff and then fill the rest in with sand or cement. Remember I am telling you the cheap way. You could also build a platform for it for more money. Then simply put the mattress and frame on it and let the sheet or fabric hang over it. This is way cheaper than buying one or building it with more expensive fabrics. To make a cover for overhead you can use cardboard, shape it, and then cover it and use fabric bond to put it on the top.

May. 27th, 2012

Icecream taste so intense. But my spit tastes so clean

Eating big, feeling little.

I love eating oversized things because it makes me feel lime a little kid. But how do you do this and not fill yourself to he Max? One of my favorite ways is the giant pets bread sandwhich. I get a large pets, cut a slit so I can open it up nice and wide, and then spread all of my favorite sandwich ingredients in there. Then I have a sandwhich bigger than my head butnice and thin so I don't get over full but I still feel like a little kid. Another thing I like to do is make my own baby food. One of my faces is making my favorite type of noodles and sauce for it and throwing the ingrediants in a blender. Then for the jar I get a nice big jelly jar, and I replaced the labor by printing out a baby food one from my computer. This way I know that I will like the baby food and I still feel like a little baby. A warning to people who don't make baby food often.. put less sauce because when it is blended the sauce is more overwhelming. Also use less salt...
When I was little my parents didn't exactly want to buy me baby stuff. So here is what I did to make it feel like I was being a baby but still hiding it. The biggest thing to me that made me feel too much like a big girl and not enough like a baby was my bed... it was a big girl bed. Not a toddler bed. So I moved my bed into the corner and then on the side where there was no wall I put my dresser with the drawers facing away from the bed. This way it was closed off like a basinet. I got off at the foot of the bed and over the dresser. When my mom asked why I did it I told her it was so that my bed was hidden from the rest of my room so I didn't feel like someone could watch me sleep. When I was older my bed was old and had to be thrown out so I ended up with a couch in my room for a while... with the couch I moved it so that the open part was against the wall. It was so comfy just like a bassinet and when my mom asked why I did it I told her it was because I couldn't sleep with it the regular way because I was scared to fall off. The way I hid bottles was by using sports bottles. Those are made for adults! Sure they don't have a soft nipple... but you can't complain when u r hiding it... otherwise I would but bottles from cheap places for a dollar and the same with binkies. But the way I hid binkies was I would get ring pops because they look like a Binky and water I ate the ring pop I would take chewed gun and wrap it around the stick and suck on that. My baby hat is a simple knitted baby hat. My baby clothes were matching pajamas with characters on them, and my booties were thick, fluffy sock and slippers. My baby blanket was a fleece blanket for an adult or just any fluffy blanket I could find. Without hiding it I can tell you a good way to make a cheap bassinet that does look really like a babies. I will make that on a seperate post for another day, though. Till later, love always, baby chloe
I haven't been on here much because I am typing a story and sticking to this one. It is sort of a story about a background, but also filled with the fantasy of some things I wished I could have done. It is about an AB though. So no worries about that. I love you all. Hope that life is treating you good. Stay happy. Xo ~baby Chloe~

Shopping spree!!!

Today I had so so much fun with my Grammy! She took me shopping for shoes, and you will never guess what I got! I'm guessing most of you guys have seen mary-janes. They are the kind of little dress shoes that sissy big babies wear... they are the same type of shoes that my mommy used to put on me when I was a real Bitty little girl. Well I didn't get those exactly... but I got the knock off kind. They are black and light weight. The bottom is made out of the same stuff crocks are. Then there is padding and the top is a durable cloth instead of hard plastic! They are amazing and cute as heck! I love them a lot. Then we also got me a black dress with neon blue splashed across it. Grammy also got me a pair of cute sneakers that are super comfy. I am one happy baby today!